What I’ve Learned in my First Six Months as a Crochet Blogger

What I've Learned in my First Six Months as a Crochet Blogger
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This week marks my 6th month as a crochet blogger and I have been doing a lot of reflection on my time as a blogger and sharing my designs. There have been a lot of ups and downs in this short period and I wanted to share some of the things that I have learned in this adventure so far.

It is A LOT of work.

Well, I guess I can’t say that I was overly surprised by this, I knew it would be a lot of work to do the designing, marketing and upkeep of my own blog (and Etsy shop) but it is even more work than I thought. On the personal side, working a stressful part-time job while having my 2 year old at home with me all day and having a 4 year old, there is a lot of juggling involved. When you’re thinking of jumping into blogging, you may think that it’s just sharing your designs, posting a few pictures and you’re set. It is much MUCH more than that. There are hours of work that go into each post: photoshoots, research, testing, crocheting/designing, editing the post and the patterns, marketing, search engine optimization, creating special images for the different social media platforms, creating and sending emails to your email list, etc, etc, etc. Don’t get met wrong here, I’m not complaining. I love doing it but it is definitely more work than I thought it would be.

It Can Be A Lot Of Fun

I have had the opportunity to chat with some of you about how you got started crocheting, what you love about it (and hate about it), what kind of projects you like to do and more. It has been wonderful getting to know some of you and seeing your masterpieces. I love getting to share your work on my Instagram and getting to know more of you.

It is also a lot of fun designing and seeing my ideas come to life through yarn and sharing it with the world. Getting to create my own designs is very rewarding to me, a ton of fun, as well as a great stress reliever. And believe me, with two crazy little ones, I need to crochet a lot.

It Can Be Rewarding

As I touched on before, the challenge of creating my own designs is rewarding. I get a lot of enjoyment from the process of designing as well as helping others. I love being able to help people when they have contacted me with questions or for advice. When someone tells me they have tackled something they have struggled with because I was able to help them, that just makes my day.

If you would like to support my blog, you can do so by doing your regular shopping on Amazon. As an Amazon affiliate, I earn a small commission on qualifying purchases made through my Amazon link, which in turn helps to support the blog so I can keep bringing you patterns and great content like this for free.

It Can Also Be Lonely and Isolating at Times

I’m going to be straight with you here: if you are thinking of starting your own crochet blog, you need to be prepared to deal with a lot of rejection, criticism and straight up being ignored. There is a lot more competition in blogging than I initially realized and it is surprisingly hard to get a response from other bloggers when you’re just starting out. I get it, though. They’re busy, they probably get a ton of emails/messages, etc. but understandably, a lot just look at a new blogger like me as potential competition because their blogs are their businesses. So in my attempt to build relationships with other bloggers/designers, my messages have either mostly gone ignored or I’ve received unfriendly messages in return.

When I participated in the 30 Days of Cozy Project a few months ago, I was blessed to meet another designer involved in the program and we became fast friends. I love that we don’t hesitate to share what we’ve learned with eachother and are supportive of eachother while we try to figure things out. If you’re ever wanting to start blogging, I hope you find that friend to support you. There have been times I have to remind myself why I decided to start blogging in the first place and it has been nice to have that friend to talk to that understands.

You’ve Gotta Do You

I’ve realized that this journey I’m on is meaningless unless I do what makes me happy. Worrying about whether my design is going to be liked or criticized can really make it hard to be creative. I was recently working on a design and kept putting it aside because I let that little voice inside my head tell me that it wasn’t good enough. I perservered and put it out there and it has been one of my most popular designs to date! I have to stop doubting myself and just do me.

In Summary

Overall, I have enjoyed my experience as a blogger and the opportunities it has brought me to meet those of you that follow me. Your support has meant so much to me. I’m looking forward to seeing what the next 6 months will have in store. Below is a list of the designs I have released in my first 6 months of blogging:

The Ava Cowl
Twisted Shells Ear Warmer
Once in a Blue Moon Triangle Scarf
Striped Thicket Stitch Blanket
Saint Prickolaus Cactus Cuddler
Randy the Cactus Reindeer
Mommy’s Go-To Fingerless Gloves
Saint Prickolaus – Available free on Crochetpreneur.com and coming soon to The Loopy Lamb
Stanley The Cactus Snowman – Available free on Crochetpreneur.com and coming soon to The Loopy Lamb
Super Quick Chunky Cowl
Tiny Pebbles Ear Warmer
The Polar Puff Messy Bun Hat
Sloth Cup Cozy
The Arctic Gem Beanie

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