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Sloth Hook Case Crochet Pattern

close up of the crochet sloth hook case with hooks and crochet accessories coming out of the top
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When I realized that I had more crochet hooks than my first hook case could hold, I needed to come up with a solution. Obviously I was going to crochet something to solve my problem, but what? I typically start working at 5am so that initial climb out of bed can be a slow one. It was on one of those mornings that I had the thought: perhaps sloths are my spirit animal. Then it hit me! I would make myself a sloth hook case!

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A modification of my sloth cup cozy pattern, this hook case is super adorable. If you’re ambitious you can line this with a cute and fun fabric. If you’re lazy like I am, you can go ahead and skip the lining and just stitch the zipper directly to the pouch.

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Skill Level:

  • Beginner

sloth hook case with crochet hooks coming out of it.




  • Finished size: Approximately 4.75 inches tall x 8 inches wide.


  • 17 sts across x 13 rows = 4” square


  • This pattern was written using U.S. Terminology
  • All pieces of this project are worked in continuous rounds.  Only join the rounds where indicated.

Free Crochet Sloth Hook Case Pattern


Row 1:  Using Café au Lait, CH 31.  In the 3rd CH from the hook, HDCINC.  HDC 27.  HDC 4 in the last CH.  On the other side of the CH, HDC 27.  HDCINC in the last CH.  Do not join. (62)
Row 2: HDCINC in the next two stitches. HDC 27, HDCINC in the next four stitches.  HDC 27, HDCINC in the last two stitches. (70)
Rows 3 – 14: HDC in each stitch around. (70)
Row 15: (This is a partial round to even up the two sides, you will not complete a full round.)  HDC 24, SC 10, SL ST 3.
FO and weave in ends.

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Eye Patches (Make 2)

Row 1: Using Brown, CH 6.  SCINC in the 2nd CH from the hook.  SC 3, SC 5 in the last CH.  Working on the other side of the CH, SC 3, SC 3 in the last CH.  Do not join.
Row 2: (HDCINC) x 2, HDC 3, (HDCINC) x 5, HDC 3, (HDCINC) x 3.
FO leaving a long tail to sew onto the face.

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Row 1:  Using Buff, CH 15.  SCINC in the 2nd CH from the hook.  SC 12.  SC 5 in the last CH.  Working on the other side of the CH, SC 12.  SC 3 in the last CH.  Do not join. (34)
Row 2: (SCINC) x 2, SC 12.  (SCINC) x 5, SC 12, (SCINC) x 3.  (44)
Row 3: (SCINC, SC1) x 2, SC 12. (SCINC, SC1) x 5. SC 12, (SCINC, SC1) x 3 (54)
Row 4: (HDCINC, HDC 2) x 2. HDC 12. (HDCINC, HDC 2) x 5. HDC 12. (HDCINC, HDC 2) x 3 (64)
Row 5: (HDCINC, HDC 3) x 2. HDC 12. (HDCINC, HDC 3) x 5. HDC 12. (HDCINC, HDC 3) x 3 (74)
FO leaving a tail long enough to sew the face onto the pouch.


Sew the face onto the pouch body. Place the button through the small gap created when you put 5 SCs in the last CH of the eye patch. Secure button. Repeat with the other eye patch. Position each eye patch on the face, slightly overlapping the edge of the face and sew onto face/pouch. Using dark brown, add a small nose between the eyes. I like my nose to be about 4 stitches wide.

If you’re using safety eyes: Insert the stem of the safety eye through the small gap created when you put 5 SCs in the last CH in the eye patch. Put the back on the eye.  Position your eye patch as noted above and secure.  The stem of the safety eye will be between the eye patch and the face so it shouldn’t poke into your pouch. Repeat with the other eye and eye patch. Use the dark brown yarn to add a nose between the eyes.

Sloth Hook Case - Free Crochet Pattern by The Loopy Lamb  #sloth #crochet #freecrochetpattern #crochetpattern #crochetsloth #hookcase #clutch #easycrochetpattern #beginnercrochet

Attaching the Zipper

If you’re going to line the pouch, pin the zipper to the lining and then pin and sew the lining into the pouch.  If you’re not using a lining, pin the zipper in place directly to the pouch and using your sewing needle and thread, sew the zipper into place. 

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