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How to do an Invisible Decrease

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If you like to crochet amigurumi, you may have noticed (and dislike) the little bump that is formed when you’re working your single crochet decrease stitches in your projects. The standard way of executing a single crochet decrease stitch often leaves a gap or a bump on your project and then you aren’t left with a nice even fabric that you were hoping for. But, there is a better way of doing a decrease stitch that can do wonders for your amigurumi projects: the invisible decrease. Here, I’ll show you how to do an invisible decrease in your crochet projects. It is something that I use in all my amigurumi projects and I think once you get the hang of doing an invisible decrease, that you’ll make it part of your amigurumi toolbox of skills.

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How to make an Invisible Decrease

When you come to the part in your crochet pattern/project where it calls for a SCDEC/Single Crochet DEC/decrease, follow these steps.

  1. Insert your hook under the front loop only (FLO) of the first stitch. You should have two loops on your hook.
Front loops only
Crochet stitch tutorial

2. DO NOT YARN OVER. Insert your hook under the front loop only (FLO) of the next stitch. You should have 3 loops on your hook now.

3. Yarn over and pull through the first two loops on your hook. You should have two loops remaining.

invisibile decrease tutorial step 3

Watch the video version of this Invisible Decrease Tutorial:

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4. Yarn over and pull through the remaining two loops on your hook. Invisible decrease completed.

Completed invisible decrease

That’s it! Super easy right? The invisible decrease is almost imperceptible when done in your amigurumi projects. The crochet invisible decrease is a total game changer. Try it in your next project and let me know what you think.

Want to try it out? Here are some free amigurumi patterns that you can try this out with:

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