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    Crochet Pocket Scarf Pattern – Tweedy Pocket Scarf

    Woman wearing a colourful crochet pocket scarf with zippered pockets.
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    This week I’m back with a free crochet pocket scarf pattern: The Tweedy Pocket Scarf. This is a beginner-friendly crochet pocket scarf pattern that uses a simple one row repeat to create a really pretty texture. This pattern is easily adjustable to any width or length and you can make the pockets as shallow or as deep as you’d like. I’ve included instructions for making adjustments to make this scarf your own below.

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    My favourite part of the Tweedy Pocket Scarf is the zippers. Pockets on scarves are great if you want to put your hands in them to keep them warm but honestly, they can sag a bit after use and they aren’t functional if you want to put anutyhing in them. Put your phone in your pocket and you bend over the the phone comes falling out. Gah! As a mom, I feel like I never have enough pockets so I thought I’d add zippers to my pockets so I can keep things in the pockets safely. These pockets are big enough that you could keep a sandwich in them… I’m not saying you should… just that you could lol. But I have definitely used my pockets to hold a skein of yarn and my hooks to crochet while out in public.

    Woman wearing a crochet scarf and crocheting with tools stored in the pockets.
    Putting my new crochet pocket scarf to good use. I have a mini skein of yarn in one pocket and a hook, scissors and tapestry needle in the other!

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    I’m using Lion Brand Mandala Tweed yarn to create my scarf. I did a yarn review of the Lion Brand Mandala Tweed yarn a little while ago and you can check it out HERE. With a yarn that has so much colour and personality, I wanted to find a stitch that would work with the yarn instead of against it. It is easy for complex stitch patterns to get lost in all that colour. I opted for a simple stitch and I think it was the perfect option for this yarn. It really shows off the beauty of the yarn.

    Adjusting this pattern

    This crochet pocket scarf pattern when made as written, will create a scarf that is 72″ in length. This length was used so the scarf can wrap around your neck once to keep you warm while keeping the pockets at a comfortable position to put your hands in. If you prefer a scarf that is a little longer or shorter, you can do that by either adding more rows to make it longer or choosing to crochet less rows to make it shorter. If you prefer a scarf that is more narrow, you can create a scarf of any width by chaining an even number of stitches and then following the instructions for the pattern (and ignoring the stitch count). If you do alter the width, please note that you should have an odd number of stitches when you complete each row. (i.e. if you CH 20, you should have 19 sts.  If you CH 36, you should have 35 sts each row.)

    Tweedy Pocket Scarf – Free Crochet Pocket Scarf Pattern

    Woman wearing a colourful crochet scarf in a snowy forest made with this free crochet scarf pattern

    Skill Level:

    • Beginner


    • U.S. Terminology



    Finished size:

    • 72” Long by 9.25” wide


    • 17 sts x 13 rows = 4 inches
    Woman wearing a crochet scarf and taking her phone out of the pocket. Scarf was made with this easy crochet scarf pattern.


    • To resize this pattern: CH any even number of stitches.  If you do alter the width, please note that you should have an odd number of stitches when you complete each row. (i.e. if you CH 20, you should have 19 sts.  If you CH 36, you should have 35 sts each row.)
    • This pattern creates a scarf that is approximately 72” long and is made to be able to wrapped around your neck once while having the pockets at a comfortable height.  You can adjust the length to be longer or shorter by adding or omitting rows to reach your desired length.  Alternatively, you could crochet to the length the pattern gives and make deeper pockets by folding the bottoms of the scarf up higher than the measurement given in the pattern.

    Crochet Pocket Scarf Pattern

    CH 40.
    Row 1: SC in the 2nd chain from the hook. SC in each remaining CH across. (39)
    Row 2: CH 1 and turn. SC in the first st and each st across. (39)
    Row 3: CH 1 and turn. (SC, DC) in the first st. *SK 1, (SC, DC) in the next st*.  Repeat instructions in * * until 2 sts remain.  SK 1, SC in the last st. (39)
    Rows 4 – 273: Repeat Row 3 until scarf measures 84” long (or until desired length). 
    Rows 274 – 275: CH 1 and turn.  SC in the first st and each st across.
    FO leaving a long tail to sew up the pockets we’ll create.

    Close up image of the pockets on the Tweedy Scarf with furls crochet hooks sticking out of the pocket.

    With the right side facing you, fold the bottom edge of each side of the scarf up approximately 6.5”.  Pin the edges in place along the sides and using the long tail, sew up one of the side seams.  Using a length of yarn, sew up the other side seam to finish creating your pocket. Repeat on the second pocket.

    Pin your zipper into place on either side of the top of the pocket and using your sewing needle and thread, sew the zipper into place. Repeat on the second pocket.

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